“There is a lot happier atmosphere in our home.” T, mother of 2.

“I feel more engaged with my teenagers. … knowing how I can respond to my children in difficult situations is enormously helpful” A, mother of 2.

“I think it is fantastic. I am better at communicating with my children. … My youngest has started talking more about how he feels about things. He now comes up with solutions to problems” F, mother of 2.

“Very glad I have taken it. Have learnt valuable skills to use when dealing with my children (big and small) and skills are transferrable to other parts of life/ situations” J, father of 2.

“The course has helped me tremendously with feeling more equipped and able as a parent” G, mother of 1.

“The course has helped me with problem solving within my own family and with relationships outside of the home. I feel more relaxed and well equipped to deal with tensions as they arise. We are able to change down gears to avoid tantrums more smoothly” S, mother of 3.

'I have learnt some brilliant new skills and totally transformed the way in which I approach my family. The skills have all been very effective. It has taken me some time to get used to using all of them, but they all work wonders. I couldn't handle conflicts before the course and now I am not so worried about speaking up for myslef. -- T, mother of 3

'I find it better, because you get a chance to speak. It's less shouty and a better way of sorting things out' -- F, aged 8

'It has helped in more areas of my life than just parenting my daughters. Work, family, marriage have all benefited' -- A, father of 2

'I'm a bit more positive and reflective than I was before I took the course' -- E, mother of 2

'Very informative and thought provoking, we have a much calmer household now' -- M, mother of 2

'Thoroughly enjoyed it. I am thinking much more about my communications with my children and the choices I make when I talk to them' -- J mother of 4


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