'The solutions T.E.T. provides to common classroom problems are far preferable to many I see in school. Muur has challenged us to achieve new levels of effectiveness and provided a brilliant atmosphere in which to try new things. Her belief in T.E.T. is infectious. She is always encouraging us to identify opportunities to implement our new skills.

My attitude towards classroom management has changed completely. I am now confident in addressing any/all issues in the classroom appropriately and without having to resort to overpowering students. The skills I learnt and have practiced now come naturally to me. T.E.T. teaches valuable skills and helps to develop a positive classroom manner.' -- Mrs. R.Jones, English teacher

'The course has made me more aware of pupil’s behaviours. I’m aware more of how to deal with conflicts and partially create an environment to prevent them. I have particularly enjoyed meeting to discuss personal experience with other professionals. Tutor was very professional and benefits strongly from first-hand experience.

I found the course both engaging and invaluable in helping improve my relationships both with pupils in the classroom and colleagues at school. Whilst the PGCE course prepares trainee teachers to teach their specialist subject, the TET course specialises in helping teachers improve their interaction with their students; on a personal level I found that the course helped me to build effective working relationships with my students which benefited both me and the student. The course has helped me better understand the psychology behind certain pupil behaviours and has given me strategies to help overcome a range of potentially challenging scenarios.-- 'Mr. C. Daniel, secondary school teacher


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