P.E.T. is neither authoritarian nor permissive, both of which are win-lose methods of raising children. Central to the P.E.T. philosophy is the idea that parents can raise children without the use of either of these win-lose methods because they are damaging to the parent and the child and their relationship. Instead, there is a method of resolving conflicts in which both the parent and the child get their needs met. Win win!

P.E.T. is based on a set of concepts and skills for having democratic, collaborative relationships. The core skills are Active Listening, I-Messages, Shifting Gears and No-Lose Conflict Resolution. The key to knowing which of these skills to use when is through the use of the Behaviour Window. This visual diagram is used to identify who owns the problem when one occurs in a relationship so that it can be resolved successfully.

hese practice based courses will show you how to:
• Discover how you can find out who has the problem in a situation. Is it you, or is it your child?
• Know which communication skill to use and when. Stop talking and start listening; or stop listening and start talking?
• Develop and practice your active listening skills
• Understand your own needs more clearly, so that you can communicate effective ‘I-messages’
• Experience Method III (No Lose Conflict Resolution) and develop your creative problem solving skills
• Learn how to be ‘The Parent as Consultant’
• Increase your self and social awareness; and welcome a different world view, through listening and talking to your children.

There are two courses available – group training or 1:1 Tuition with me, or group training with myself and my colleague Andrea Rippon. Both cover the same content, which includes the introduction of each new skill, tutor led discussion, interactive exercises, self-reflection, completion of exercises in the Participant Workbook (provided), practice and observation of skills used in the home and further reading of core text (provided).

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