This course is especially aimed at teachers, lecturers and anyone whose work involves teaching a group.

T.E.T. teaches you all the valuable communication and conflict resolution skills as taught in P.E.T. with the addition of two lessons on how to apply it in the school setting of your classroom.

This T.E.T. course is full of classroom examples and provides realistic and familiar situations to practise with, so you can use your new learnt skills at work straight away.

A proven method in the classroom that encourages
  • respect
  • trust
  • responsibility
  • creativity

T.E.T. skills give everyone in the class a chance to be an individual with his/her needs met, including yours. Ideal for those working to complete their PGCE training and about to face the real world of teaching! Or for those longer in the teaching profession who want to add these very effective skills to their repertoire as part of their CDP (Career Development Plan).


teaching a group
teaching a group
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